Wednesday, December 3, 2014

National Science Foundation Graduate Student Forum

The National Science Foundation has created a website for graduate student forum

intended to encourage discussion among U.S. graduate-education stakeholders. Recent reports recommend several courses of action to improve U.S. STEM graduate education, but many of these reports lack input from the graduate education community broadly. This forum will provide the NSF Division of Graduate Education (DGE) a direct connection with graduate students, faculty, university administrators, employers, and others who want to contribute to the national dialogue.
On the site, they post questions and readers are encouraged to post answers as comments. It's worth a visit if you're interested in the NSF, science policy, or graduate education. It's only a three month trial run, and it's already been up and running for a while, so don't delay if you want to participate in the discussion.

The URL is or you can click the link in the first sentence.

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