Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy New Year Stipulations!

I haven't posted in quite a while because I couldn't get the Blogger site to work properly in my normal browser, Firefox. I had fiddled with the Flash settings in my browser to block the incredibly intrusive Flash cookies, and guess what? Google services stopped working, including Blogger. So, they must be using Flash cookies in some way, a way that I hope is not evil, but it's hard to believe in the innate goodness of anything these days.

I eventually tried to re-establish the settings, but didn't have any luck, and finally I switched browsers, at least for this task, which itself turned into a nightmarish swirl of settings, reminiscent of Neuromancer.

So, I'm late, as usual, which makes this the most appropriate time for my exciting ANNUAL STIPULATIONS!


  1. I'm sorry for not posting more often...although I'm not sure why because I wrote a record number of posts last year and watched my pageviews plunge because none of the entries was popular.
  2. I'll whine less. Ooops! Already violated that one. I'll try that again next year. 
  3. I apologize in advance for the informal, chatty spirit of the posts. It seems my peers' blogs all read like peer-reviewed journals by comparison. I thought that blogging was supposed to be relatively free-form self-expression, but apparently that's restricted to Twitter now--hence our nation's foreign policy--and blogging is now supposed to be very serious.
  4. Similarly, I apologize for the limp (not limpid) intellectual content of the posts. I try to save the good ideas for papers, even though the list of papers I intend to write is now so long that I need to use scientific notation just to number them. I will never make any kind of dent in the list in this lifetime. So, I should probably just toss ideas out there more freely, unless cryogenics makes startling leaps in the very near future. 
  5. This blog is a non-commercial, non-work related activity. The blog is not monetized in any way, and if anyone is making money at it, the checks aren't coming to me. All ideas and opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone--unless a post is signed by a guest blogger or I cite sources for my statements, thus attributing them to someone who was writing publications instead of blog posts. Therefore, I, Clifford T. Brown, am responsible for the content of the blog, not my employer, colleagues, co-authors, mentors, protégés, students or minions.  (I'm not sure if I have any minions, but I felt I should put them on the list, you know, just in case.)
  6. Finally, I stipulate hereby that I have probably forgotten to list some of the stipulations to which I should stipulate, but I'll include them if I remember them.
(Belated) Happy New Year!