Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"...and the blessed land a-heaving like the sea with earthquakes..."

So said Billy Bones, the pirate, thanks to Robert Louis Stevenson.

The USGS says that in the last five days there have been eight, count 'em,,eight (8, ocho, waxak) earthquakes starting with last Friday's 6.1 magnitude shocker. Not aftershocks, of which there have been myriad, but separate quakes.

The number drops to seven if you don't count the one off shore, but rises to 9 or 10if you include the nearby ones off of El Salvador.

Except for the offshore ones, they've been concentrated along the southern edge of the Nicaraguan depression, running east from Puerto Morazan.

What the heck is going on? Is the volcano looming over us going to explode? (It's actually unusually calm.)  Enough is enough. My students and I are getting a tad jittery. Of course, if we were from California, I'm sure this would be nothing, bread and butter, not worth getting out of bed for, but since we're not from the left coast, we're taking it a little harder.

Text us when we can let go.

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  1. for goodness sake be careful... may the gods NOT open any trenches for you. none.