Thursday, April 21, 2016

Funny and Beautiful*: Hope Jahrens's Blog

I don't remember reviewing any blogs in this space. It hardly seems like the best use of my time or this space.

But, I was paging (i.e., clicking) through the journal Nature this morning before my 8 o'clock class, and I saw a review of a new book entitled Lab Girl by Hope Jahrens.** The review was enticing, so I Googled the name and her blog popped up. The blog is fabulous, as funny and startling as it is strikingly and beautifully written. Some of the comics are hysterical. There is also some excellent advice. I thought the post "How to Turn A 'Good' Proposal Into An 'Excellent' Proposal in Eight Admittedly Arduous Steps" offered some of the best advice I've read on grant writing. And it was funny to boot.

 The blog is worth a look. So, pause Ph.D. Movie 2 and check it out.

*The writing, which is also funny. 
**Blog is not monetized. I don't get anything if you click through and buy the book.

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