Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Gregorian New Year! Administrativa....

Well, we've made to the start of another New Year (Gregorian). So, Happy New Year, unless you're waiting for 1 Imix, which comes in February, or the beginning of the next tun, which starts on November 30th.

Way back in 2013, I wrote in these pages, ..."it would be easier to stipulate that I'm always sorry for not posting more frequently."

I've been thinking that I should post a series of stipulations at the beginning of each year, to palliate at least the perennial disappointment of my readers.

So, I hereby stipulate that:

1) I'm sorry that I don't post more often;
2) I'm sorry that my posts are not better composed, in the form of neat little essays;
3) I'm sorry that I don't post more of my actual research results (but there are real issues about whether that would interfere with future publications, consent of colleagues and funders, etc.); and,
4) I'm sorry that I'm not a better photographer.

Silliness aside, I think this is an appropriate juncture to mention that Google is changing Blogger functions related to "following" individual blogs. So, if you stop getting e-mail alerts about my posts, that's why. I haven't been able to get the "follow" function to work for new subscribers for more than a year now, so it may not be possible to follow the blog anymore. I hope that Google doesn't mess this up further, but I have a bad feeling about it.

Fun way to start the New Year!

I hope all my readers enjoyed the holidays and have a prosperous new year.

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