Sunday, October 25, 2015

Photographs of the Department of Chinandega

I've been working on writing archaeological site descriptions in English. I have them already, of course, in Spanish, but my graduate students need them in English, and it's generally easier for me to re-write them in English than for them to translate the descriptions from the informe. Sometimes an additional detail will occur to me, and I've also discovered a a thing or two since I wrote the descriptions, such as the soil types from the soil atlas of Latin America.

In the course of writing the English descriptions, I've had to search through my files to find the maps and photos. In looking through the thousands of files, I've come upon some pretty photos that I thought I would share with you.

Click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture.

The Rio Tonala where it crossed the road from El Viejo to Tonala. A picturesque, babbling brook.

Young Nicaraguan teosinte within the biological reserve dedicated to its preservation. The Homo sapiens is Kelin, a former graduate student, in 2013. Note that the teosinte looks like a grass, as indeed it is.
Farmer planting corn using espeque near the Estero Real

Coffee plantation between the volcanoes Chonco and San Cristobal. Point of departure for climbing to the summit of both cones.

San Cristobal smoking among the clouds

Canyon Tanque on the Peninsula of Coseguina

Narrow road to the deep north

Sierra de la Botija in thebackground

House on a northern road

A bit of Shangrila

Northern farmhouse

Northern stream

Northern stream, which will become a river when it rains

River in the north


Northern hills

Sun striking hills

Bright hills

Sun through the clouds

Snug valley in the north


Cloudy sky over hills

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