Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tonight's Lunar Eclipse, a rare skywatching success

All of you--that is, both of you--who follow this blog should know that I haven't had a lot of success in observing celestial phenomena in the last couple of years. When I manage to wake up for the meteor shower (or whatever), it's usually too cloudy to see anything, or there is too much light pollution, or something. Well, the dry spell finally broke. I saw the lunar eclipse this morning.

Here is the edge of the moon reappearing. Poor photo, but I'm not set up for proper celestial photography.

When the eclipse began, I was tempted to start banging on pots or shooting at the sky to scare off the beast eating the moon, as they do in Yucatan. I didn't think my neighbors would appreciate it, though, so I restrained the impulse.

I still don't understand why I walked to the end of my driveway to see the eclipse better.

Beautiful, clear night, for once. The moon really did turn red, and you could tell because Mars was--brilliantly--right by her side for comparison.

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