Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Haiti--Lessons for Nonprofits

It's always uplifting to see one of your former students both doing well and making a difference. Isabelle Clérié is a prime example. She studied archaeology with me as an undergraduate and then got a Master's degree in nonprofit management. She has worked in her native Haiti, where she is one of the few people who has been alert to alarming degradation of archaeological and historical sites. She currently works for the Franklin Institute, a major science museum in Philadelphia.

Isabelle recently contributed an insightful essay about the work of nonprofits in Haiti to the blog of Michael Rosen. She explains the situation in Haiti as she has witnessed it, and she advocates three changes to the way most nonprofits have been operating there. She summarizes her points as follows:

  • Be an anthropologist!
  • Work together!
  • Go where the people need you!
Great advice and a very interesting article.

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