Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Last night, I set my alarm clock for 2:15 am and laid out warm clothes for the morning. I was out looking for the Quadrantid meteors by 2:30 am this morning. After about 20 minutes, I hadn't seen a single one, and so I came into the office. Very disappointing! Probably too much light pollution where I live. I thought about driving out to the beach or out to the edge of the Everglades--either one would be much darker than my neighborhood--but I wasn't sure which would be better, and so I did neither.

The last time I saw a good meteor shower was around 1993, in the Yazoo Basin of Mississippi, with Lynn Berg.

Did anyone out there have better luck than I?

Strange first post for the new year. At least I didn't eat any strange brownies from friendly hippies, like the guys in the Big Bang Theory.

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