Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I Did Last Summer

In the midst of an unusually hot summer (What global warming?) in south Florida (a.k.a. North Cuba), I was fortunate to be able to go to England on a vacation with my wife. A queasy mixture of guilt (at not working) and interest impelled me to visit archaeological sites and museums, with the acquiescence of my patient companion.

For the other Mayanists out there, I thought I would post my photos of the Yaxchilan lintels in the British Museum. Feel free to use them for non-profit educational or scientific purposes. The new Mexican room at the museum is lovely.

Yaxchilan Lintel 24

Yaxchilan Lintel 15.

Yaxchilan Lintel 16.

Yaxchilan Lintel 16 again. A better picture.

Yaxchilan Lintel 17.

Yaxchilan Lintel 17 again. A slightly better picture.

Hope these are useful to someone out there in cyberspace.


  1. Saludos desde El Salvador Dr.Clifford
    Muy interesante su bolg.
    saludos Michelle Toledo.

  2. Gracias Michelle! Espero que todo les va muy bien alli. Saludos al Dr. Shibata.