Friday, April 9, 2010

New Book on Fractal Analysis for Social Scientists

My friend Larry Liebovitch and I have written a small monograph entitled Fractal Analysis, and I'm pleased to announce that is coming out this week. Sage Press published the volume in their well known Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series.

Here's what the back cover says:
A specialized presentation of fractal analysis oriented to the social sciences

This primer uses straightforward language to give the reader step-by-step instructions for identifying and analyzing fractal patterns and the social process that make them. By making fractals accessible to the social science students, this book has a significant impact on the understanding of human behavior and the patterns that people create.

Key Features
  • Detailed examples help readers learn and understand the analytical methods presented.
  • Matlab codes for programs allow the user to implement some of the techniques described in the text on their own.
  • Clear and logical explanations of fractals and their analysis enable the instructor to easily teach and student to learn about fractals.
This is the only book designed to introduce fractal analysis to a general social science audience.

I should add that we selected examples from many different fields of social science so that social researchers of all kinds could appreciate the relevance of fractal geometry to their work. We even managed to include a few examples from the obscure discipline of archaeology.

Click on the picture of the cover or the title of this post to go to the publisher's web site.

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