Friday, August 7, 2009

Progress in Chinandega

Well, we´ve wrapped up most of our excavations now. We did some prospection out on the slopes of the Volcano Coseguina today, but didn´t find anything. It was fun, though, because we took along the archaeology students from the school we´ve been working with in town.

In the past couple of days, we discovered some interesting facts about the fantastically rich site we excavated near Villa Nueva. Dr. Timothy Beach who is helping us to understand our taphonomy and site formation processes discovered a buried soil at the base of the depositional sequence at the site. I never would have seen it because it didn´t look much like a buried A horizon. We also discovered in the lab that the ceramics in the lower levels are in fact earlier--there are in fact resist decorated ceramics related to Usulutan wares in the lower levels. In fact, I excavated one vessel that was associated with a comal, a very unusual vessel form in Nicaragua. As usual, the most interesting discoveries come in the lab, although I did enjoy excavating the comal nestled in the Usulutan vessel.

We´re also finding a nmber of new types that will require new type names and we´re considering creating some new phase names for the area. The project is really coming together nicely.

Here´s a random picture of a site we found in the Estero Real a few days ago. Look at the density of ceramics on the surface. The site is a little island in the swamp. It is basically composed of a pile of sherds.

Hasta luegito.



  1. Dr. Brown, where can I found any paper about this interesting project? I'm writting my dissertation on XVI century Honduras, and I found ethnohistorical data that links lencas whith northern Nicaragua.

  2. Dear Rodolfo:

    The results are not published yet, but we hope to soon. It has taken all of our time for 18 months to finish the technical report. We are just starting to work now on publishing.

    Your findings seem extremely interesting and may support some conclusions that we have drawn from different evidence. Could I trouble you to send me your e-mail address so we can exchange information? My e-mail is ctbrown [arroba] Many thanks!